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reVitalyze Health + Fitness 360

We aim to improve the overall health and quality of life of our patients by eliminating pain, increasing strength and mobility, and providing the highest level of care that allows them to live without physical limitations. Attention to detail with individualized programs for each patient is our top priority.

Dr. Vitaly Dvoskin is a licensed physical therapist in New York, New Jersey, and California. He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University and completed his Baccalaureate Degree in Health and Exercise Science with a Minor in Coaching at Syracuse University. He is the owner of reVitalyze, a training wing within Moving Forward PT that uses the latest technology and services to accelerate client training and maintenance.

Why You Should Choose To revitalyze Health + Fitness 360 

Improving Performance

With the team at reVitalyze, you will be able to improve your athletic performance by increasing your range of motion and overall flexibility. We prioritize our client’s health and want to help you gain confidence in your athletic abilities. We will work with you to create an exercise plan that help’s you reach your fitness goals.

Developing Agility

Something that is crucial for most athletes is to be able to make sharp, quick, and dynamic movements. Developing agility is pivotal for athletes, especially those in sports like football, track and field, lacrosse, soccer and others. If you want to improve your cutting ability contact the team at reVitalyze.

Maximizing Strength

Improving your strength has great implications for your overall health and athletic performance. Routinely participating in strength training can help to prevent injuries, as well as improve your athletic ability. reVitalyze understands that athletes need a holistic approach to improving their performance and physique which is why we work directly with athletes to maximize their workouts. Improve in ways you didn’t think you could before, contact our team today.

Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill + Woodway – For The Long Run

Both Technologies Available At The Running Lab

Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The AlterG Pro Anti-Gravity Treadmill ™ offers the ultimate training and injury recovery for elite athletes. With patented NASA Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology, the Pro reduces body weight from 100% to as low as 20% in precise 1% increments so athletes can increase training volume with less risk of injury or start rehabbing sooner. 

The Pro in Action:

  • Top-of-the-line treadmill for elite athletic performance. 
  • All the benefits of unweighting without compromising biomechanics. 
  • Built-in live video monitoring system for visual feedback on the fly. 
  • Real-time gait data, allowing for objective feedback on rehabilitation and increased motivation. 

Integrated Stride Smart gait data measures gravitational load and provides simplified feedback on pain levels, cadence, and gait symmetry. 

How It Works:

  • Pain Recording – Optimal therapy parameters can be established from correlating gait mechanics and unweighting with patient-reported pain scores. 
  • Cadence – Improved cadence can lead to better mobility, faster gait, and improved performance. 
  • Weight Bearing Symmetry – Improves weight shifting and reduces pain and joint stress from overuse of the unaffected leg. 
  • Stance Time Symmetry – Helps correct asymmetries to increase speed, improve stance time, and achieve standard mechanics.
  • Step Length Symmetry – Helps improve symmetry for better speed, increased step length, and efficient gait.


To learn more about AlterG® Pro, click here to visit their website.

Woodway – The Ultimate Commercial Fitness Treadmill

The 4Front is our commitment to providing the longest-lasting, most innovative, and most comfortable treadmill solution for all of your fitness needs. The 4Front treadmill was designed to mimic the feeling of running outdoors and provides users with a dynamic, low-impact workout every time. 

  • Dynamic Mode – This training mode allows the belt to spin freely, allowing the user to power the belt like a non-motorized treadmill. Users can participate in various exercises using the free belt, allowing for a full-body workout.
  • Resistance Mode – This mode allows the user to choose between different levels of resistance, facilitating High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises and performance techniques.


To learn more about Woodway, click here to visit their website.

Iron and weight stacks have shown favorable results, but they have reached their limits. Keiser represents an innovative approach for exceeding the status quo, and their dedicated focus on improving athletic performance has resulted in the development of products designed to revolutionize fitness. Keiser Pneumatic Resistance System – Featuring the half rack, functional trainer, prone leg curl, and knee extension machines. 

How It Works


Training is only considered functional if it is performed at speed. Keiser’s technology allows users to functionally train at speed on every machine for every movement. 

CNS/NMS Training 

Keiser’s pneumatic equipment provides the ability to train the brain and develop muscle. The brain records the movements you make the speed at which you make them. Keiser’s technology helps retrain the central nervous and neuromuscular systems, allowing for slow training/slow performance or fast training/fast performance. 


Keiser’s programs and equipment solutions are developed with the full spectrum of users in mind, from the performance athlete to the older adult. 

  • Bilateral or Unilateral Movements
  • Zero lb/kg starting resistance on most machines. 
  • Consistent resistance at any speed. 
  • Functional strength training at any pace. 
  • Heavy negatives and heavy positives. 
  • Small-increment resistance increases. 
  • Simple, push-button controls. 
  • Easy step-in design. 


Keiser maximizes muscular output while minimizing stress on the connective tissue and joints, resulting in a reduced risk of injury. 

Keiser Exercises

From active older adults to elite professional athletes, Keiser’s human-focused engineering can bring anyone to their fitness goals and beyond. Click the links below to view exercises utilizing the Keiser systems we offer. 

Performance Trainer Exercises
Power Rack Exercises
Functional Trainer Exercises

To learn more about Keiser, click here to visit their website.

MAD-UP Pro is a safe and customizable blood flow restriction (BFR) program used to prevent and manage muscular deficit. MAD-UP’s innovative hardware device is capable of personalizing a BFR Training session safely and optimally. While BFR training has been proven to promote muscle growth, this modality needed more user-safety to adapt to the medical context of functional rehabilitation and muscle strengthening. 

How Does It Work?

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training is a technique that combines low-intensity exercise with blood flow occlusion that can produce similar results to high-intensity training. The goal of BFR training is to mimic the effects of high-intensity training by recreating a hypoxic environment using a cuff. The cuff is placed proximally to the muscle being exercised, and low-intensity exercises can be performed. Since the outflow of blood is limited with the cuff, capillary blood collects and leads to an increase in protons and lactic acid. The physiological adaptations to the muscle will take place during BFR training and low-intensity exercise as would naturally occur with high-intensity exercise. Preliminary analysis of the user’s physiological data in MadUp Pro includes heart rate, muscle density, and limb occlusion pressure (LOP). MadUp’s patented technology allows us to adjust pressure applied to the limbs via the cuff. Pressure is regulated in real-time, in which we can act upon movements and muscular contractions. The MadUp device is user friendly and comfortable for anyone to use. 


  • Muscular strength
  • Anti-atrophy
  • Endurance
  • Anti-pain

To learn more about MadUp Pro, click here to visit their website.

The newly re-engineered Transformer Bar is a multi-function specialty barbell that adjusts the weight’s center of mass relative to the lifter’s body. This directly affects loading mechanics, movement dynamics, and training effect. This purpose-built machine is easy to use in professional, commercial, and home gym settings. The Transformer Bar features two adjustment mechanisms for modifying camber angle and distance from the center, allowing for a total of 24 unique angle and difficulty combinations. This easy-to-use bar was designed for use by individuals with no prior experience. The Kabuki Strength spring-pin mechanism allows for six positions with 30 degrees of variance between them. These positions replicate the following common squat movement patterns:


  • Back Squat – Low or High Bar
  • Hip Hinge – Ideal for good mornings and teaching hinge patterning.
  • Front Squat – A load counterbalancing similar to front squats. 
  • SSB – Traditional safety squat bar.
  • Goblet Squat – Like a kettlebell goblet squat. 


The Transformer Bar features a high-density foam core that allows for comfortable placement on the lifter’s back. 


  • Improved latissimus dorsi (lat) engagement. 
  • Increased stability at the thoracolumbar junction. 
  • Reduced risk of injury. 


The Transformer Bar has an official load capacity of 1500 pounds. The Transformer Bar is famous in team sport settings, allowing for variations in movement patterns while providing the safety and decreased risk of injury that only a specialty bar of this type can provide. Click here to learn more about the Transformer Bar.

The Duffalo Performance Squat and Bench bar is the ultimate bar for bench pressing and squatting safely, correctly, and for performance. 


Every lifter could experience several benefits when using the Duffalo Bar over a standard barbell:


  • Improved scapular contraction – Reduced strain on the bicep tendon allows for proper joint centration and increased back rigidity, which is essential for strength and injury prevention. 
  • Improved core stability – This bar reduces the mobility demands of the shoulder, allowing the lifter to avoid excessive spinal extension and maintain spinal neutrality in a back squat rack position. Improved ability to generate core stability directly impacts your ability to brace and maintain spine neutrality. 


The Duffalo Bar is angled up rather than parallel since adding a variation to the sleeve angle could reproduce a similar center of gravity to a traditional straight bar. The Duffalo Bar allows the user to lift in the most optimal position. It can significantly reduce or eliminate shoulder pain while promoting an increased training effect from the different range of motion. To learn more about the Duffalo Bar, click here to visit their website.

The age-old struggle of loading and unloading plates from your trusty trap bar is over. We are proud to introduce a simple, effortless solution – the built-in bar jack. Our design features 2x inch-thick “legs” with tread to provide grip and stability when the bar is positioned in a vertical orientation for easy loading/unloading. We designed The Trap Bar to allow for an effortless transition from horizontal to vertical position, requiring minimal effort and taking advantage of human kind’s earliest discovery – the lever.

The Trap Bar HD features an industry first variable handle system that allows for a 23″, 25″, or 27″ intra-handle width using swappable handle brackets. The standard bar includes 25″ brackets and customers can use the checkboxes above to add a wider (27″ width) or narrower (23″ width) handle brackets.

The ShouldeRok™  was designed to increase shoulder strength, core stability, and rotational strength, as well as encourage proper spinal position and shoulder mobility/function.


This product will help:


  • Retrain your nervous system to ensure a stable, braced, neutral spinal position for maximal and safe performance under a heavy load.
  • Improve scapular and overall shoulder mobility, especially for athletes with impingement due to years of wear and poor movement.
  • Increase rotational strength and athleticism in pulsing (speed to contraction and speed to relaxation).
  • Reinforce correct breathing to further support spinal bracing for ALL heavy lifts and movements that require transfer of power from the ground into an implement (ball, bat, club, etc). It is impossible to utilize the ShouldeRok to its full potential without utilizing proper breathing and bracing techniques. The ShouldeRok provides an effective way for the athlete to develop efficient, significant power transfer through his or her core.

The ShouldeRok is a game-changing strength tool for athletes, coaches and practitioners alike. When used correctly, the precision-loadable ShouldeRök will increase strength, mobility, and reinforce core stabilization.

InBody Technology is the next evolution in bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) and body composition analysis. This approach provides precise direct measurements of the body with the speed and ease of traditional BIA. Body composition breaks the body down into four core components: fat, minerals, protein, and body water. This describes your weight more accurately and provides a better understanding of your overall health than traditional methods. Body composition analysis can accurately show muscle mass, fat mass, and body fat percentage changes. 

What Is BIA?

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) measures the body’s components. Alternating high and low- frequency electrical currents are sent through water in the body via contact with electrodes to measure impedance. Impedance is utilized to determine total body water (TBW), which can be used to derive your fat-free mass. Fat-free mass is the portion of your body that does not contain fat, including your muscle and bone. TBW can also be used to derive your body fat. 

How BIA Works

When an electrical current pulses through your body, the body’s components present varying resistance levels. Body water is extremely conductive and makes up a significant percentage of your body. Therefore, the more body water, the less resistance. The human body is composed of trillions of cells, each protected by a cell membrane that separates the inside of the cell from the outside (reactance). Impedance is the combination of resistance and reactance. BIA devices are used to determine your body composition and are measured in ohms (Ω). BIA defines the body as a cylinder and uses two concepts to describe the relationship between impedance and body water:


  • The volume of a cylinder.
  • Characteristics of impedance. Impedance is inversely proportional to cross-sectional area and is directly proportional to the length of the cylinder.

Revolutionizing BIA Technology with InBody

InBody’s medical-grade body composition analyzer relies on the following pillars of technology:


  • Multiple Frequencies – The analyzers use various frequencies to provide precision body water analysis. 
  • 8 Point Tactile Electrode System – Resistance occurs when the body comes into contact with an electrode. It is essential to control the measurement location to measure opposition in the human body accurately. 
  • Direct Segmental Measurements – InBody provides individualized feedback for improved progress tracking to help you achieve your goals. 
  • No Empirical Estimations – Empirical estimations provide somewhat accurate body composition but don’t consider that muscle mass decreases with age. We don’t include these equations since they are not truly real. 


To learn more about InBody, click here to visit their website.

What Is NormaTec

NormaTec offers the ultimate recovery for today’s elite athletes. The Boston Red Sox use NormaTec, and our team believes that equipment good enough for professional athletes is good for our patients. NormaTec can be used to enhance blood circulation and speed up recovery in an affected area, allowing for optimal healing results. Dynamic air compression can effectively mimic the arms and legs’ muscle pump, enhancing metabolites and fluid movement out of the limbs after intense workouts. The NormaTec PULSE Massage Pattern is combined with dynamic air compression to employ pulsing, distal release, and gradient techniques during the treatment. NormaTec has been shown to help relieve muscle aches and pain and temporarily increase circulation. This results in increased flexibility, injury prevention, and accelerated recovery time. 

Redefine Your Potential

The NormaTec X Hyperice PULSE 2.0 helps athletes reach new performance heights.


  • Patented NormaTec PULSE technology. 
  • Zone boost for targeted treatment where you need it most. 
  • Precise digital controls. 
  • Calibration for a perfect fit every time. 
  • 30-110 mmHg pressure range. 
  • Fully connected mobile app. 


  • Decreased sensitivity to pain. 
  • Increased range of motion. 
  • Improved endothelial function. 
  • Decreased muscle fatigue. 
  • Improved maneuverability and enhanced longevity. 


To learn more about NormaTec, click here to visit their website.

Marc Pro is a cutting-edge electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) device that delivers the most effective muscle recovery available. This scientifically proven, patented technology creates non-fatiguing muscle activation to enhance the muscle recovery stage. Marc Pro makes it easy to perform at your best, recover faster, and keep your body active and healthy for the future. 

How It Works

Studies show that muscle activation is a fundamental facilitator for all stages of your body’s natural recovery process. Foam rolling, ice, or compression boots are not very useful for improving your recovery. Your body requires active recovery to rebuild after a workout. A relaxing 30-60 minute session with Marc Pro several times per week allows you to:


  • Perform at your best. 
  • Recover faster. 
  • Maintain proper biomechanics.
  • Relieve exercise-related pain. 
  • Prevent overuse injuries. 
  • Maximize gains. 
  • Improve conditioning. 


Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus makes healthy lifestyles a possibility for everyone. 

Marc Pro’s Proprietary Dynamic Decaying Waveform

The dynamic decaying of the Marc Pro waveform enables other parameters to be significantly altered. This includes a pulse duration that is longer than any device on the market. The signal is in the muscle for an extended period during each contraction and allows for a different recruitment level. Muscle fibers that are difficult to contract can be stimulated, leading to optimal recruitment for your conditioning and recovery goals while preventing discomfort, fatigue, or tetanization. 

Traditional Static Square Waveform

Nearly all EMS devices on the market utilize a traditional square waveform. Static square waveforms contract and hold the muscle at full power, then instantly releases it. This signal can create powerful contractions necessary for the original electrical stimulation goals of muscle re-education. 

Sports Performance Recovery Devices 

Sports performance recovery devices are intended to improve performance and recovery. Marc Pro uses a unique technology that never fatigues muscles, allowing you to recover fully. 


The body’s muscle recovery process relies on muscle activation. Each stage of this process requires muscle movement to repair damaged tissue. 


  • Delivery of nourishment – Nourishment needs to be delivered to damaged tissue to begin the recovery process. When muscles are activated, they signal your smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels to relax. 
  • Waste removal – The next stage involves the process of removing waste, which can contribute to swelling and further damage. The lymphatic system is the passive system responsible for eliminating waste. Activating the muscles surrounding lymphatic vessels is required to push out waste. 
  • Tissue regeneration – During the tissue regeneration stage, myokines are produced and released into the body. Myokines are the proteins that drive tissue regeneration. Muscle activation provides the mechanical stress needed to create myokines to repair damaged tissue. 
  • Remodeling repaired tissue – Once the tissue is repaired, it needs to be remodeled. When new tissue forms, it creates a random pattern that makes it challenging for the tissue to smoothly slide past one another. The tissue needs to be arranged in straight lines to function properly. Movement allows the repaired muscle tissue to remodel. 


To learn more about Marc Pro, click here to visit their website.

This high-tech age demands high-tech stress relief. Most stress relief methods are unnatural, unreliable, and time-consuming. NuCalm is a patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to improve sleep quality and resolve stress without drugs. NuCalm is stress relief for how we live today, using technology to help you disconnect. 

How It Works

NuCalm is a natural, comprehensive 3-part system that can be administered in seconds and takes effect within minutes. The benefits will last for hours, allowing you to own the day. Here’s how NuCalm works:


  • First, place the NuCalm biosignal processing disc on the inside of your left wrist on the Pericardium 6 acupressure point. The disc will send signals to interrupt your adrenaline response and activate your brain’s natural relaxation system. 
  • Then, open NuCalm’s mobile app. NuCalm’s neuro acoustic software delivers frequencies to slow brain wave functions to levels needed for optimal recovery and relaxation. 
  • Connect your headphones and begin your session in the app. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey toward relaxation. 


NuCalm’s technology is clinically proven to bring the autonomic nervous system into proper balance. This technology naturally disarms your stress response by placing you in a state of parasympathetic dominance, giving your body and mind the resiliency they need to perform the functions that keep you well. Some of the benefits of NuCalm include:


  • Improved Recovery
  • Improved Sleep
  • Stress Relief


After your NuCalm experience, you can expect to feel relaxed, focused, calm, and re-energized. To learn more about NuCalm, click here to visit their website. 


As part of our NuCalm family, we wanted to share a story, “NuCalm technology helps users feel more calm, patient, present”, published this morning in USA TODAY.

Now that we’ve completed our historic 32-year scientific discovery to create 4 products to manage all 5 brainwave categories, we are ready to grow the enterprise. Word-of-mouth has been our biggest growth engine since launching NuCalm in late 2009, but we’re also focusing new attention towards media, podcasts, and social media.

Be your best today and thank you for being a part of the NuCalm family, we appreciate you!
The NuCalm Team

Updates From NuCalm

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes in our neuroacoustic software laboratory to bring innovative and unmatched neuroscience technology to you. Over the past few years, we’ve:

Launched 4 entirely NEW channels: DeepSleep, Ignite, Focus, and KwikState Powered by NuCalm
Added 29 NEW patented neuroacoustic software journeys to our library offering
Get ready for our next new release…a classical music inspired Ignite journey.

And enjoy the new products and neuroacoustic software journeys that we’ve launched in the past few years!


2022 Product Launches:

2 new products (Focus and KwikState Powered by NuCalm) and 18 new journeys launched (9 NuCalm and 9 KwikState Powered by NuCalm)

January: 3 New 8-hour DeepSleep journeys (Summer Rain, Sonic Essence, Sleep Melodies)
March: New Ignite instrumental journey (Unstoppable)
May: New 120-minute Rescue journey
July: New product launch – Focus, with 3 journeys (Clarity, Comprehension, Concentration)
September: New Focus journey (Full Focus)
October: New product launch – KwikState Powered by NuCalm (collaboration with Jim Kwik); 9 states in a separate product delivered via a web-based application.


2023 Product Launches:

January: New PowerNap with 7 chakras

April: New FlowState with 7 chakras

May: New Ignite


“There is no doubt, NuCalm saved my life. I couldn’t sleep for more than 40 minutes at a time, walked around with a scowled face from intense physical pain, deafening tinnitus, developed an angry disposition, always slumped, felt hopeless … I lost control. All that changed in one 20-minute NuCalm session of the best rest I’ve ever had. After one year, I am the strongest, sharpest, fastest, most confident, and relaxed I’ve ever been … I went from being identified for a disability to a multiple national and world championship competitor.”

– Lt. Col Ken Corigliano

Traditionally, cognitive and physical therapy has relied primarily on guesswork. It’s difficult for your therapist to know if you have been consistent with your exercises or doing them correctly. These assumptions can cause your recovery to suffer. Obtaining precise data usually involves expensive tests in a hospital surrounded by sensitive machinery, but virtual reality has changed this. Virtual reality utilizes fun games that mimic traditional therapies to give us exact movement data, breathing patterns, and more, allowing your matched professional to make more informed data-driven decisions. XR Stands for Extended Reality and includes:


  • Virtual Reality (VR) – Wholly immersing the user in a digital world.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) – Overlay of digital information onto reality.
  • Mixed Reality (MR) – Merging the digital world with the real world.

How Does XRHealth Work?

The process for XRHealth involves an initial evaluation with your matched healthcare professional. During this time, you will discuss your medical history and goals. Your provider will then load the headset with the perfect virtual treatments for you. Once you get your headset on, you can start getting better. You will explore new worlds through virtual reality exercises, and your provider will gather data on your exact movement and provide guidance and feedback. 


XR Health uses technology to assist your recovery like never before. These exciting applications are designed to guide and measure your movements, giving your matched healthcare professional actionable data. The issue with most conventional therapies is that patients often neglect them. With XRHealth, you can have fun throughout your recovery. 

Our team will continually review your progress and update you with adjustments and guidance as you utilize your VR telehealth kit. These treatments involve a mix of real and virtual environments, exercises, and games that are fun and useful. Here are some additional benefits you can experience with XRHealth:


  • Stress Management – Stress, depression, and anxiety can have a vice-like grip on your everyday life. These fully immersive VR relaxation treatments can help you manage and overcome these feelings. 
  • Physical Therapy – VR technology can provide more efficient relief for your symptoms when compared to traditional physical therapy, and the fantastic experience is an added bonus. 
  • Pain Management – Living with chronic pain can lead to countless missed opportunities. Take back control of your life and try XRHealth today! 


To learn more about XRHealth, click here to visit their website. 

Much like water, food, and sleep, light is imperative for our health and cellular function. Your body is designed to function with abundant natural sunlight, but most individuals do not get enough light every day. Light therapy is a safe, easy and effective way to add healthy light to your life, no matter the weather or season. 

How Does Joovv Work?

Joovv is a wellness device that delivers red and near-red (NIR) wavelengths of light directly to your skin and cells. Joovv light therapy is quick and only requires 10 minutes per treatment area. All you need to do is stand or sit in front of the device as your body and cells take in the light. Joovv does not include any ultraviolet (UV) rays and is entirely non-invasive. 

Benefits of Joovv

  • Enhanced Cellular Function and ATP Energy Production – In combination with a healthy lifestyle, light therapy treatments can systematically improve cellular health across your body. When your cells produce more ATP energy and work together efficiently, you can look and feel better. 
  • Improved inflammation – Light therapy treatments can help the body’s natural inflammation process as you recover from injury or illness. 
  • Improved Blood Flow – Light therapy can lead to a significant increase in blood circulation. This indicates that the tissues are receiving more oxygen and nutrients essential for healing. Light therapy also helps the circulatory system rid itself of toxic byproducts.

Sleep Optimization

Healthy light intake is crucial for sleep and maintaining the body’s natural circadian rhythms. The brain interprets light as a sign of when to be awake and asleep and creates vital sleep hormones like melatonin. Bright, blue light at night can interrupt your sleep cycle. Red light is a lower-intensity alternative that can help support longer and more restful sleep. Joovv’s Ambient Mode is designed to support sleep and circadian rhythms. 

Recovery, Healing, and Performance

Pro-athletes and trainers widely use light therapy to boost performance, improve fitness, and support recovery. The muscle cells require significant energy and strengthen through a process of tears and repairs. Light therapy helps the body produce and use power more efficiently. Supporting inflammation reduction and circulation with light therapy can help you recover after workouts and injuries. Joovv’s Recovery + Mode is designed to optimize the natural recovery process. 

Skin Health and Beauty

Healthy light intake is crucial for skin cells, skin health, and beauty. Red and NIR light promotes balance in the skin by enhancing cellular respiration. This makes energy production more efficient with less oxidative stress. When the cells are in better proportion, your skin looks and feels softer and more invigorated. 

We all need healthy light to thrive, but most of us don’t get nearly enough. Joovv’s light therapy device is easy to use in your home. Contact us today to learn more about this light therapy system and the systemic health benefits you can experience. 

To Learn More About Joovv, Click Here To Visit Their Website

Red Light Rising

Red Light Rising’s red light therapy has proven to improve health, recovery, performance, and much more. Photobiomodulation (PBM) can significantly enhance patients’ quality of life. Whether your goal is to maximize workout recovery, improve energy levels, or have glowing skin, PBM can help you achieve these goals. 

How It Works

Red light therapy produces a biomechanical effect in cells that strengthen the mitochondria. The energy-carrying molecule found in the cells is called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). By using red light therapy to increase the function of the mitochondria, the cell can produce more ATP. Cells are able to function more efficiently, repair damage, and rejuvenate themselves with more energy. 


  • Muscle Growth and Performance – Red light therapy can significantly improve muscle size, grip strength, speed, endurance, and max repetitions. 
  • Recovery – Regular treatments have been shown to delay the onset of muscle soreness and fatigue and help facilitate healing. 
  • Joint Pain – RLT has shown positive changes in conditions that contribute to joint pain, including osteoarthritis, stiffness, cartilage damage, and spinal pain. 
  • Sleep and Relaxation – RLT increases melatonin production in the brain. Using Red Light Rising at night can allow you to unwind and gently prepare for sleep. 
  • Skin Health – RLT promotes collagen production in the skin cells, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This therapy has the potential to improve skin appearance and increase the repair rate of damaged skin. 
  • Eye Health – RLT can potentially slow or stop degeneration, improve healing outcomes for damaged eyes, and decrease inflammation. 
  • Hair Growth – RLT can help stimulate and maintain hair growth. Research shows that this therapy may improve hair thickness, extend hair growing time, and reduce the onset of male and female pattern balding. 


To learn more about Red Light Rising, click here to visit their website.

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